What is the apple iBeacon technology?

What is Apple iBeacon technology?

Firstly I would prefer to define what is beacon? Well, beacon is a Bluetooth technology in which we can able to locate our direction. For example, you are in an indoor area where cell signals are block and it may possible to locate devices via GPS. So, the solution of this problem is Beacon.

Beacon is a low price, piece of hardware that uses friendly betray. It is an indoor positioning system. Beacon is a low energy Bluetooth connection that transmit message directly to a smart phone or tablet. They are mostly used to communicate with indoor people in the areas of event organizers, retailers, enterprises, transit systems and educational institutions.

Well, what is iBeacon? The term Beacon and iBeacon are the same thing and often use interchangeably. The iBeacon is a name of apple Inc.’s technology that allows us to understand our position through mobile apps which are running on ISO7 and android 4.3. And this technology only works in a micro-local scale. Passbeemedia Apple Ibeacon version of Bluetooth technology in which allows Bluetooth devices to broadcast and receive small information within short distance. IBeacon technology includes different applications which are explained below:

  1. Resources tracking: in restaurants where the beacon technology is used, the client can directly make order by using a tablet which is available on table. The beacon app is running on waiters mobile and he/she easily track the customer table number and order.
  2. Classroom and education: the iBeacon offers a wide range of applications that are applied in the field of education. Student can easily track things and explore more scientifically.it is a tool to stimulate young minds towards geography, logic and technology.
  3. The Zoo app: you can visit zoo app and get into the park.
  4. Retail shop experience: when clients walk inside the store, they can receive instant and limited offers.
  5. Automation: all types of automation which is related to iBeacon whether home, commercial and industrial.

How you can use iBeacon?

  1. Tap on the settings in your iPhoneand other ISO devices.
  2. Go to privacy.
  3. Select your location services.
  4. Click on Agree terms and policies.
  5. Click ok.
  6. Install iBeacon app in your phone.

Once you successfully set iBeacon technology in your iPhone, you can control location service data.. This technology is simply based on two parts; a broadcaster which is beacon device and the other is receiver which is the smartphone app. The broadcaster always advertising that I am here, my name is …….’ And the receiver detects these beacons. The broadcaster does nothing besides sending the information.

Can you make it stop?

Yes you can make it stop as following these steps:

  1. Go to setting in your iPhone.
  2. Click on privacy settings.
  3. Click on location services.
  4. Click on switching off Bluetooth.
  5. Then uninstall the particular app.

Why iBeacon is better from GPS &RFID?

Here the five reasons that the iBeacon is shining brighter then GPS and RFID:

  • Extremely Accurate In indoors via Bluetooth and not relying on satellite connectivity.
  • Privacy for the users as not tracking their locations everywhere they go.
  • Integration as iBeacon is a native apple’s technology.
  • IBeacon is affordable, accessible and scalable technology.

As iBeacon is a low Bluetooth energy technology, so there is very little impact on battery life of your phone.

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